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The Project Objectives

1. Develop 8 new MSc courses and 3 PhD courses at 5 Uzbek universities (BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU) in Mechatronics and control engineering.
2. Introduce new teaching methodologies aiming at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students.
3. Establish the Mechatronics labs at BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU.
4. Build strong academic capacity in Mechatronics at 5 Uzbek universities.
5. Establish long term links between BTI, FPI, NMI, TARI, TPU  and corresponding industries (NMZ, NPP, UZAVTO, GM-PT, JV TAPO-DISK, UZSUNGWOO) in Uzbekistan.
6. Attract PhD students to join the Mechatronics group to work as teaching assistants for the courses.

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